TISNet Technology Inc.

Responding to the new trend of Internet and the interface of new market for traditional industries, Ta Tung Corporation had invested NT$100,000,000 though its subsidiary, Chung Hwa Investment Co., Ltd., to establish TISNet Technology Inc., and fully engaged in the market of Internet.

Asia Pacific Telecom Co., Ltd.

Founded in January 1, 2000, the predecessor of Asia Pacific Online was the Its main business is to provide different kinds of connection services for corporate and individual customers. They are the top in hardware and software facilities in the machine room of data center, as well as in the area of management and professional skills. As such, they have attracted the six major Websites in the country, ASP and EC to their facilities. They are the leading brand in the industry.

Chung Hwa Telecom/Enterprise Business Group.

The Digital Branch of Chunghwa Telecom Corporation currently has some 600 employees, and provides service in digital communications, Internet, and add-value service on networks. Its current main business is HiNet.

Net-Chinese is a professional agent for the assignment of Domain Names. It emphasizes that Website is the door ticket for enterprises and individuals to enter the Internet world and provides full range e service.

PC Home Online

Founded in May 1998, PC Home Online is the largest Internet media in Chinese language. It has more than 20 Websites and more than 40 channels for electronic newspaper. It covers the 3S and 1C, which are: Internet search, service, shopping and content. By way of their friendly and diverse service, PC Home Online gives the best and the most resourceful experience for the users.

New Century InfoComm Tech Co

Originally, Seednet is a subsidiary of the III in the Internet business. It started its research and development in Internet related technologies since 1989, and provided trial service for the enterprises since 1991. It is an ISP that has solid experience and capacity in the Internet technology and integrative service. There are sixteen price zones under the Seednet across the province. They have machine rooms in all of the seven business locations. All of them are installed with high-speed network. They use the best quality router and switch, and have the most effective network management tools and mechanism. They could help to transmit large volume of data through the network.

Taiwan Fixed Network

Collaborated with experienced service team and the exceptional advantages of integrated wireless telecommunications resources, Taiwan Fixed Network Co., Ltd. aimed to be the leader of telecommunications in Taiwan to provide consumers with an extensive range of communications services.


NeuStar has partnered with TWNIC, the registry for Taiwan 's .tw country-code top-level domain (ccTLD), to offer .tw registrations to registrars outside of Taiwan through a unique “Registry Gateway” solution.

NeuStar provides EPP connectivity to the .tw SRS for registrars outside of Taiwan , and also offers comprehensive customer support, billing and reporting services. Conversely, TWNIC maintains the authoritative registry database, WHOIS, and DNS for the .tw domain; it is also responsible for establishing all domain registration policies.


WEBCC is one of the leading ICANN accredited registrar in Asia that has a large networks of more than 1,000 active resellers over 40 countries and managed more than 350,000 domains. WEBCC has a team of dedicated professionals who multilingual, thus act as the bridge between the Asia and Western Markets. WEBCC will continue to strive for growth with competitive pricing, attentive support and convenience registration platform.


Founded in March 1997, Chunghwa International Communication network Corporation provides telecom value-added service, internet payment , online game and voip service. Our goal is to keep on advancing core specialties to become a diversfied, total orientated internet value-added company.


Gandi (founded in 1999) was among the first registrars for .COM/.NET in France and as of 2015 manages over 1.7 million domain names which places the company among the top domain name registrars worldwide.

Clients range from individuals, associations, small companies to public institutions such as the European Union and large multinational corporations.

Gandi is providing a largerange of domain related and cloud related applications (Virtual servers, DNS infrastructure, EMail hosting, Corporate managed and TMCH services).

What sets Gandi apart from its competition is their strong support for the Open Source community, not doing advertisements and thus mainly relying on the word of mouth of its customers. Gandi has its Asia headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan as other offices in Paris, Luxembourg and San Francisco.

PUMO Network Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

PUMO Network Digital Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2003, is one of the most well-known Hosting Company in Taiwan.

We mainly provide domain registration, web hosting, cloud hosting, and information security services to our clients. Clients range from individuals, associations, SMEs to large multinational corporations.

What we provide to clients is "Total Solution", not only "Product". Hence, we emphasize our services quality. Due to insist on services quality, the number of customers has exceeded 10,000 yet. In recent years, we also received a lot of awards from the authorized agencies and government.

However, we never feel satisfied until our clients satisfied.

Topnets Group Limited

Topnets Group Limited is a global network company that provides one-stop overall protection solutions for domain names, trademarks, patents and brand reputation protection for online brands. It has been helping Chinese multinational companies improving globally for nearly ten years.

Key-Systems GmbH

Key-Systems is an international IT company that currently manages more than 4 million domains for more than 100,000 retail/corporate customers and 2,300 resellers worldwide. Key-Systems' headquarters are located in St. Ingbert/Germany. Furthermore, the company runs a subsidiary in the USA. Key-Systems’ business areas include the retail customer portal domaindiscount24, the reseller portal RRPproxy and the corporate domain portal BrandShelter. Furthermore, the company runs the TIER III Key-Systems DataCenter and a service for registry operation (KSregistry). Key-Systems is member of the CentralNic Group PLC.

Ascio Technologies Inc.

Ascio Technologies Inc. is an ICANN accredited domain registrar and responsible for the provision of Domain Portfolio Management services indirectly through more than 600 domain partners.

Dynadot LLC

Dynadot is an ICANN accredited, independently owned domain name registrar and web host headquartered in Silicon Valley. Founded in 2002 by a software engineer, our primary focus is engineering and design excellence. Our custom written, state-of-the-art domain and hosting software is stable, fast, and easy to use. From humble beginnings, we have grown steadily and now serve over 100,000 customers from around the world.

The Taiwan Network Information Center

TWNIC is the Registry of .tw top level domain, providing the registration service of 「」、「」、「」、 「」、「.商業.tw」、「.網路.tw」、「.組織.tw」、and 「中 文.tw」. TWNIC also authorized the above Registrars to deal with the application of domain name.