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Science & Technology Law Institute (STLI)

In 1989, with a view to helping Taiwanese industries to improve their international competitiveness, the Institute for Information Industry (III) established an "Information Law Research Unit" within its Market Information Center (MIC). Soon it became clear that there was much demand for the capabilities of this Unit. Accordingly on March 1, 1996, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, this Unit was formally expanded to become the independent Science & Technology Law Center (STLC).

The STLC was created to complement the formulation of national economic policies. It provides a venue for government and industries to collaborate, so as to create a comprehensive legal environment that nurtures Taiwan's hi-tech advancement and industrial applications. It also conducts preliminary research in pioneering areas of science and technology law, which enables the government to draft or revise related laws and policies, hence removing legal barriers to technological advancement. These research results will then enhance the responsiveness of Taiwanese technology businesses to the law, and help them to realize their full potential.

The STLC is the first body in Taiwan to be dedicated to science and technology law research. Since its establishment, it has headed or participated in a great number of research projects concerning the development of Taiwanese technology laws, offering solutions to issues arising from the existing system. The STLC bears a heavy responsibility that of building the legal infrastructure that will shape future industrial development in Taiwan. It is a responsibility that each and every member of the STLC honors, and we will work together towards realizing this vision.

An Introduction to the Taipei Bar Association

For integrating legal and technological resources in research, and assisting the industries to enhance their competitive power internationally, the III has established a “Research Team on Information Laws” in one of its functional unit, the MIC. The team was expanded to the “Technology Laws Center” on March 1, 1996.

The Technology Laws Center performs the staff function for the III in legal and patent affairs. In addition, it also dedicates as the databank on technology laws to assist the government in integrating technology related legal rules and the technology industry to adapt to new legal environment. This could help our country to build up a bona fide legal environment for technological development.

We perform the following functions:
l Perform staff function for the government on legal matters in technology. l Assist the enterprises to promote legal education among them.
l Assist the enterprises to adapt to the change in legal environment.
l Perform staff function for the III on legal and patent affairs.

The Technology Laws Center of the III has long been experienced and expertise in Internet related legal rules. It has been highly acclaimed by the government, academic circle and the industry of our country.

Intellectual property rights related policies and legal rules.
Basic construction in information technology and related policies and legal rules.
Internet related policies and legal rules.
E-commerce related policies and legal rules.

In addition, the center has regular publications like the “Technology and Law in Perspective,” “Intellectual Property Right Management Quarterly,” and “ Intellectual Property Right Monthly.” They are prestigious publications in the laws on intellectual property rights and on technology in the country.